About me

My interest in photography started when I first time heard the camera shutter noise.

I have already had the opportunity to try out the beauties of imaging on many topics, be it work or fun. On the other hand, there is something that catches you in any case.

This is especially true during a wedding photography, because then the photographer also becomes a part of the event, by voting in confidence for the young couple, the family and he/she can capture the most important and intimate moments of the ceremony. So, if I had to grab a specific topic that I see as a real challenge, it’s wedding photography.

Other topics where I like to use the shutter button on the camera: concerts, events, interiors, landscapes, cities, moods, and more recently, I’ve been lucky enough to be a maternity photographer.

Through my photos, I would like to show, that the human not only watching, but also sees!

Lóránt Bányácski

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